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THE CUTTING EDGE REALTORS® and I are here for both home buyers and home sellers. My goal is to make buying a home easy for you. Once you send in your information to us, you’ll begin to experience our award-winning service for prospective homeowners in Colorado Springs, Colorado. THE CUTTING EDGE REALTORS® is also the largest REO (real estate owned) property in the area.

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Visualize your dream home, and we’ll help you find it. We’ll help you with targeted searches and email alerts that put you in charge of your home buying process. Our company goes beyond a simple web search; we help you search for optimal results, explain information fields, and real estate jargon.


Finding the right home for you is your primary goal, but enjoying it with a lower payment and better mortgage terms is a very important secondary goal. I have researched and worked with many mortgage brokers and lenders in the local real estate markets, and I’ll help you to contact those that are the best fit for you and your financial picture.


THE CUTTING EDGE REALTORS® is one of the largest REO property companies in the area. These are bank-owned properties and foreclosures. I can provide the necessary information and tools to guide you in this direction if REO is a route that best suits your needs. If your specific needs can’t be met, I can also connect you to a reliable REO property network that can assist you.

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We specialize in residential sales in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When buying a home, relocating or moving within the Pikes Peak area, it’s important you have expert help.

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